Soft Shape Huggie

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The Soft Shape Huggie is a contemporary version of the huggie hoop earring, first created in wax, then cast in recycled 14k yellow gold or sterling silver using the lost wax method. It's finished with five 1.2mm diamonds. This earring is sold as a single or a pair.


Soft Shield Ring


Metal: Recycled 14k gold or sterling silver
Stones: Lab-grown diamonds (learn more below)

  • Width at widest point approximately 8.5mm
  • Height at thickest point approximately 4.9 mm
  • Hoop exterior diameter approximately 10mm
  • Diamonds: five 1.2 mm


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Lab grown diamonds present the most sustainable alternative to mined diamonds available in today's market. Lab grown diamonds are created using advanced technology that mimics the natural method of diamond formation. These are real diamonds. They are indistinguishable from earth mined diamonds and are equal in strength, material, and sparkle. >> Learn more about why we choose lab grown diamonds.