Care & Repairs

Westland Jewelry is made by hand, which may result in slight variations; however, the overall look and feel of the piece will remain intact. This is the nature of the process and what makes each piece a unique work of art.

All metals can use some TLC. If your jewelry is vermeil or has gold-filled chain, it requires extra love (see below).

14k Gold

14k gold will not tarnish, but can appear dull with the build up of oils and soap, etc., if you do not remove when washing your hands or showering. You can soak your 14k gold jewelry in warm water with a non-phosphate mild soap and use your fingers, a cotton swab, or a soft toothbrush to scrub. Dry with a soft cloth or air dry. Once dry, you can use a polishing cloth for extra shine. Sunshine Polishing Cloths are my favorite and are included with each order.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver will tarnish over time, but if you wear it often, it will slow the process down. If you prefer to restore the silver to its original bright tone, use jewelry polish or a polishing cloth to quickly remove tarnish. Sunshine Polishing Cloths are my favorite and are included with each order.

14 Karat Gold Filled

Westland uses gold-filled chain. Gold filled is a regulated process that involves pressure bonding multiple layers of 14k gold to high quality brass. This special pressure bonding method requires extreme heat and is infinitely more durable than plating. Gold-filled chain will not rub off, but can dull when in contact with chemicals found in products. You can clean your gold-filled chain in warm water with mild soap and a soft cloth. See how to prolong the beauty of your gold-filled chain below.


Vermeil is a thick layer of gold over sterling silver, making it a precious metal all the way through. If taken care of properly, the plating should last for years to come. To clean, buff VERY gently with a soft cloth and dry with a 100% cotton or microfiber cloth. Do NOT use chemical cleaners on vermeil jewelry or polishing cloths with chemicals. See how to prolong the beauty of your vermeil jewelry below.

Please care for your vermeil and gold-fill jewelry by:

  • keeping it out of water (swimming, showering, washing hands)
  • keeping it away from sunscreen, lotion, oils, or perfumes
  • not wearing it while cleaning (especially with harsh chemicals) or exercising
  • removing rings when getting a manicure and earrings/necklaces when getting a facial or hair treatment
  • keeping it in a secure place between uses



Repairs are accepted and are subject to fee based on the extent of the damage. Please contact to request a repair.